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Milton Berle

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‘I live to laugh and I laugh Life’ quoted Milton Berle as well describing his entire life. One of the heightened supporters of his time, he was fond of being called 'Mr. Television' and 'Uncle Miltie' during the age of television. He is a lost child, with natural skills and performance, outstanding since he took over the storm-tossed entertainment industry at the age of five. By the time he was a teenager, he had created a niche for himself with his artistic talent. His television appearance on 'Tetaa Star Theater' has only doubled his fame and glory which makes him a household name. Happily, he made his presence known in all the major forms of entertainment at that time, be it radio, television, or live streaming. People were so eager to hear him speak or watch him express his interests on stage and on television that theaters, restaurants, and businesses closed their operations for an hour so that they would not miss out on the opposition. Even cinema theaters reported a few bookings on Tuesday night for shows that coincided with the time of the 'Texta Star Theater'. Being a close person and a different comedian, he was a great healer and a constant player in the benefits of kindness in the Hollywood area. He was instrumental in raising millions of causes of kindness.

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