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Marie Stopes

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United Kingdom


Marie Stopes was born into a middle-class Victorian family. She has been a leading activist of the 20th century for women's rights and birth control. She was controversial and very divisive, but her influence on sexual and reproductive health remains strong 50 years after her death. Stopes was educated as a scientist. She received the public's attention in 1918 with the publication of his first book, Married Love. The book was a feeling that it discussed sex and birth control in same-sex marriages. It was condemned by the church, the media and the media. However, sell it fast. Stopes was filled with letters from women seeking counseling. Other books followed, and in 1921 Stopes provided practical assistance with opening the first family planning clinic in North London. It was a free service, but only for married women. The ropes also enthusiastically endorse eugenics. He called for sterilization to be considered appropriate for parents. Her worries over her 'inferior' features saw her remove her son when he married a visually impaired woman. The charity Marie Stopes International (MSI) was established in the 1970s to continue the Stopes family planning work. It is now the leading provider of sexual and reproductive health care in the UK, and there are many MSI clinics around the world. Services include treatment and contraceptives, pregnancy tests, abortion and sterilization.

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