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Mickey Rooney

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United States


Mickey Rooney is the second longest-serving actor in cinema history and is among the greatest healers. His attempt to participate began when he was 17 months old and appeared on stage with his parents. Encouraged by his mother, he was able to pack his first film role at the age of six and began to regularly star in films. He got a big contract with MGM when he was young and soon found himself playing a comedy role in many movies and music, becoming the king of the box office. His acting career was interrupted by a battle in the war, where he also showed off his crazy skills without a camera and entertained the soldiers. But his magic somehow disappeared after the war and his films did not reach the heights of his predecessors. But he did not repent, he took his talent to the TV and stage, and found success there. Despite not having the same energy as before, he continued to work with the same enthusiasm and energy for the rest of his life and did great things from time to time, such as the film 'The Black Stallion'. His personal life has not changed an act and he has married eight times. His longevity and perseverance suggest that Mickey Rooney was born to make and entertain others.

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