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Arnold Bennett

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United Kingdom

Arnold Bennett was born on May 27, 1867, in Hanley, one of the pearls that formed the "Six Cities" in central England. A teenager, named Enoch, was talking to a very enthusiastic person and was determined to make a living through literature. After studying in local schools and working in his father's legal office, he moved to London in 1888 to become a writer. In 1893 he was hired by Woman magazine, and in 1898 he published his first novel, A Man from the North. Over the years he began calling himself Arnold Bennett. In 1902 Bennett published two novels, Ana of the Towns and the Grand Babylon Hotel - the first logical, the second. They reflect the pattern of his work: a fantasy of a serious artistic act produced simultaneously as a material object without artistic knowledge. Bennett lived in France from 1902 to 1913. Shortly after his 40th birthday he married Marguerite Soulié. The couple seemed happy but within a few years it showed some disagreement. Over the years Bennett has written articles for magazines, self-help books, plays, short stories and novels - a wonderful result. Most of it, however, was written only for monetization. But the stories of Five Cities and the Anna in the trilogy Anna of Five Cities (1902), Leonora (1903), and Sacred and Profane Love (1904), because in them Bennett began his life skills studies in the "Five Cities," which changed from the original "Cities." six "for full purposes.

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