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Masaru Emoto

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Dr Masaru Emoto was a Japanese researcher whose water-crystalline images are responsible for the water-solubility as much as H2O molecules. He was born in 1943 in Yokohama. In 1992, he graduated from Open International University with a PhD in medicine. His approach is completely unscientific, but rather broad and opens new possibilities for different ways of seeing water. During his career, he has found that water is closely linked to an individual's or group's identity, and that it has a profound effect on other vibrations and information, such as music or words. Dr Masaru Emoto's method is based on the principle of dissolving different samples of 0.5ml. Subsequently, small pieces of ice are extracted from the samples and used for the so-called “seed” in which the water crystals grow later. The crystals are formed at temperatures between 5 and 0 ° C at various conditions based on when Dr. Emoto makes conclusions about water quality. Water with a damaged internal structure (due to mechanical, chemical or vibrational influences) does not form crystals or form irregularly shaped crystals. The spring water tends to form hexagonal crystals, similar to the water crystal from Alaska in the picture. Dr. Emoto has written several books among them best known as Messages from the Water. In this book, various waters from all over the world present their faces with pictures of their crystals. The images are clear enough that we have abandoned the new approach to water management and adopted the new water management system. The aforementioned book is the best indication that no two waters in the world are completely the same. It may be deep in our consciousness and we may already be known to our ancestors, but Dr. Emoto is the one who showed us the obvious. The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto is beautifully presented in the movie What Sleeps We Know ?, where the authors show all the complexities of the world in which we live. A common thread of Dr. Masaru Emoto's work and the mission of Alaska is to foster respect for water, which is a necessary condition for present and future quality of life. The future will tell how much we have succeeded in that

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